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The general assembly will communicate the relevant policy information of the food logistics industry in China, and the general assembly will adopt the form of keynote speech, high-end dialogue, live display and communication. Analysis of current situation of the development of frozen food and cold chain logistics industry in China, frozen food and cold chain logistics industry scientific research achievements and new products, frozen food processing enterprises, cold-chain logistics equipment manufacturing enterprises, new cooperation pattern between cold-chain logistics service enterprises, and established strategic partnership, and set up frozen food processing enterprise and supermarket terminal smoothly connecting relationship. Hope that through similar Chinese frozen food and cold chain logistics industry development conference of such communication platform, strengthen the frozen food industry and cold chain equipment, cold chain logistics enterprise, frozen food dealer and business super terminal of the relationship between each other, realize the frozen food industry in China and the seamless link of cold chain logistics industry.
The development experience of the developed countries of the west has proven that the per capita GDP reaches $4,000. Frozen cold collection market will be characterized by rapid development. According to the Chinese academy of social sciences, China's per capita GDP will be close to $4,000 in 2010, and the country will enter a period of rapid development in the frozen cold collection market. Modulation and over the past 15 years, the frozen food, packaging, aquatic products, livestock meat, poultry, and fruit and vegetable with five types of frozen food, more than 600 kinds of varieties, annual sales volume was estimated at more than 8.5 million tons, exports also increased year by year, the quick-frozen vegetables exported to Japan, Europe and the United States and other places, more than 400000 tons each year. There are over 1,000 frozen food processing plants in the country, and about 50 companies with a total sales of 100 million yuan have formed dozens of famous brands, accounting for more than half of the market. Frozen food has become a kind of food processing emerging industry in China.
It is necessary to construct and improve the corresponding cold chain, which is determined by freezing refrigerated food processing and circulating low temperature. The domestic and foreign markets have become big refrigeration chain industry has also been developed accordingly. According to incomplete statistics, the annual turnover in 5 million yuan of above of food freezing, cold storage companies a total of more than 20000, most of which are various functions of cold storage, low temperature transportation and distribution enterprises, employees 2.5 million people. At present, China's cold storage capacity is about 8 million tons/times, 35 thousand kinds of refrigerated vehicles, 100 tons of refrigerated vessels, and 8, 000 railway refrigerated trains.
The frozen food cold chain logistics development is still in its infancy, large-scale, systematic cold-chain logistics system has not yet formed, and the development of modern agriculture, residents' consumption and expand the export of agricultural products demand than there is still a gap. The proportion of fresh produce that passes through cold chain is still low. Most fresh produce is still circulating at room temperature. Part of the product that USES low-temperature treatment in the slaughtering or storage link, and the "broken chain" phenomenon in transportation and sales, the rate of the whole cold chain is too low. Second, the cold chain logistics infrastructure capacity is seriously inadequate. The refrigerated insulated car accounted for only 0.3% of the freight car wholesale trading function of large-scale wholesale markets for agricultural products for agricultural products, regional agricultural products logistics node distribution center, the lack of refrigeration facilities. Third, the cold chain logistics technology promotion lag. Fresh agricultural products postpartum precooling technology of classification and grading, packaging and low temperature environment commercialized processing means such as processing has not been popular, transportation temperature control means the original extensive, automatic temperature control in the whole process of the developed countries widely used has not been widely used. Fourth, the third party cold chain logistics enterprise development lags. Existing cold-chain logistics enterprise is given priority to with small and medium-sized enterprises, the strength is weak, distribution of small scale, the service standard is not unified, resources integration and industry to promote ability of large cold chain logistics enterprises has just started. Fifth, the legal system and standard system of cold chain logistics are not sound, and the relevant management methods and operational specifications generally implemented in developed countries are in the initial stage of promotion in China.
The development of cold chain logistics industry has become the bottleneck of the development of frozen food industry in China. So, you can see. Accelerating the development of cold-chain logistics of frozen food has become an important measure to improve the quality of frozen food, break through trade barriers and enhance international competitiveness. Frozen food industry and cold chain logistics enterprise in our country how to implement the effective links, accelerate the construction of cold chain logistics technology, regulations and standards system, the construction of the integration of the cold-chain logistics service system, promote the frozen food industry in China and the common development of cold chain logistics industry, become a much-needed food science field in China to solve a major issue.
To meet the rapid development period of China's frozen cold collection market, to solve this problem. As Chinese food logistics technology authority industry group in the field of food logistics technology branch of China food science and technology institute will and business quality of science and technology center in 2010 in Shanghai on November 24, 2010 China international food processing and logistics technology expo, held the first China frozen food and cold chain logistics industry development conference. The theme of the conference is to create a win-win cooperation, to lead the innovation of science and technology "will be gathered hundreds of frozen food, cold chain logistics enterprise in our country, the equipment manufacturing enterprises, frozen food dealers and sales representatives of terminal, at the same time the final guest will also have the relevant government departments, industry association leadership, food research experts and scholars.