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Dear friends:
   Jiangsu Yi Bo Co., Ltd. Thank you for your love and support!
   Yi Bo as a national key enterprises, at all levels of leadership, friends of concern, support, to bigger, so fine, and stronger enterprises as the goal, highlight the brand, integrity management, "to restore well-known old brand" strategy, integration tradition Essence, modern technology, business philosophy, portrait dedication market. Today's Yi Bo not only has a high-quality workforce, the international advanced level of technology and equipment, its high taste, high reputation, high market share of freezer products are increasingly popular with consumers at home and abroad. Enterprise scale has been expanding, economic efficiency year after year growth, has developed into Jiangnan freezer enterprises.
    Good wind with force, send me on Albatron. With the accession to the WTO and the deepening reform of the industry, Yi Bo will regard the interests of the country and consumers as the highest interests, based on the main business, the implementation of the scientific concept of development, highlight the brand building and resource integration, brand building enterprises continue to develop, Promote the coordinated development of enterprises, and the community work together to create a more brilliant tomorrow!
   Jiangsu Yi Bo Electric Co., Ltd. all the staff welcome your arrival!