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Characteristics of air cooled display cabinet:
1. Air-cooled display cabinet has a fan that automatically defrosts and does not freeze. Straight cold, no fan, icing, manual defrosting.
2. Air-cooled display cabinet: equipped with a finned evaporator and a set of air duct circulating components. Fan motor will be cooled by evaporator in the air to form up and down circulation to achieve the purpose of refrigeration. Because it is cold airflow, it does not result in the absorption of moisture from stored foods. So the air-cooled type is called frost-free, in fact frosting is only the inner surface of the surface without frost, evaporator surface still frosting, but without manual defrost, but automatic defrosting
3. Cold freezing speed, no frost (automatic defrost), fresh food, good temperature uniformity; But the electricity consumption is big, the noise is high, the price is high. Mainly in the United States, Japan, South Korea and China southern market