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Combined island cabinet

功能介绍 Features Introduction ◎ 玻璃采用钢化热反射镀膜技术,自动化霜技术使制冷更强劲; ◎ 产品通透美观


功能介绍   Features Introduction

◎ 玻璃采用钢化热反射镀膜技术,自动化霜技术使制冷更强劲;
◎ 产品通透美观的弧形玻璃,外观时尚大方,展示效果强;
◎ 外观涂装可定制颜色,柜内采用标准预涂铝板,导温效果极佳,为您节省能耗;
◎ 占地面积小、展示空间大优化购物体验,多种组合方式,灵动布局;
◎ 可根据客户需求提供升级改造,柜内标配储物隔栅,灵动摆放,方便使用;
◎ 柜内可选择标配,LED照明系统,及顶部非冷货架。

◎ With the technology of steel heat-reflective glass coating, automation  technology makes refrigeration defrost more powerful;
◎ The product is transparent and beautiful on the slide door curved glass,the appearance of fashion id generous,the display effect is strong;
◎ The appearance of the coating can be customized color,the use of standard pre coated aluminum plate,the guide temperature effect is excellent for you to save energy;
◎ Small display space to display a large shopping experience;
◎ Multiple combinations,flexble layout;
◎ Acording to customer needs to provide upgrading;
◎ Standard cabinet storage grille,flexible display,easy to use;
◎ Can choose the standard cabinet,LED lighting system,the top of the cold shelf.