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air curtain cabinet BLF1066

Air Curtain Cabinet 功能介绍 Features Introduction ◎ 双折自动回弹夜幕帘或单折自动回弹夜幕帘; ◎ 采用高效节能

Air Curtain Cabinet

功能介绍   Features Introduction
◎ 双折自动回弹夜幕帘或单折自动回弹夜幕帘;
◎ 采用高效节能LED光源(12V),有效减少能耗并消除照明闪烁现象;
◎ 不锈钢内底板耐腐蚀,易清洗;
◎ 箱体仿木发泡堵头,减少冷桥,安装稳定可靠;
◎ 翅片强制风冷式制冷更加充分无死角;
◎ 蒸发器入口配备标准分液器及连接管设计,确保供液更加均匀;
◎ 制冷设计余量大于30%,适用工作环境更宽畅;
◎ 采用新型电子式温控器控制温度精确;
◎ 可根据客户要求配置自动蒸发水功能。
◎ Double fold automatic spring back or single fold automatic spring back;
◎ Using energy-efficient LED light source (12V), reduce energy consumption and eliminate flicker lighting;
◎ Corrosion-resistant stainless steel plate, easy to clean;
◎ Box anti-foaming wood plugs to reduce cold bridges, the installation is stable and reliable;
◎ Forced air cooling fin more fully no dead ends;
◎ Evaporator inlet equipped with standard dispensers and connecting tube design to ensure that the liquid supply is more uniform;
◎ Refrigeration design margin greater than 30% for more spacious working environment;
◎ Using new electronic thermostat temperature control precision;
◎ Automatic evaporation of water features configured according to customer requirements.

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